5 Sleeping Positions and Their Meanings

Sleeping positions say a lot about our health. What’s your favorite position? We cannot deny that our posture at night can have a great impact on our health and the way we feel.

Some of the postures in which we sleep can be harmful to our bodies. In such cases, new patterns and positions should be adopted at bedtime.

1. The Fetal Position

They say that the fetal position is the most common sleeping posture in the world. About 40% of people say they find it the most comfortable. The bad news is that this position is one of the least healthy. It can cause back pain and damage the joints. Experts also warn that it can affect your neck and shoulders. During the night, these body parts should remain aligned. If you cannot stop sleeping in the fetal position, doctors recommend placing a pillow between your knees. This will relieve the stress on your joints.

2. On Your Back

Perhaps you’ve noticed that those who prefer to sleep on their backs usually snore at night. Nevertheless, this posture is the least harmful to health. It is the best option if you feel back pain. It can also solve neck problems. In some cases, we wonder why we feel pain in the back of the neck without even realizing that the main reason could be related to our sleeping position. Sleep on your back if you want to look young for longer. This position causes the slightest appearance of expression lines and wrinkles since there is no pressure on the face. In addition, this posture allows you to keep your breasts supported, preventing flaccidity.

3. Left Side

The position to the left side is also called “trunk”. It not only reduces gastroesophageal reflux but can also prevent neck and back pain. However, there is one disadvantage: this is not the best breast posture. They don’t stay supported, which leads to flaccidity. As the left position stimulates the blood flow from the uterus, it is a good option for pregnant women.

4. Right Side

Posture to the right side can cause heartburn. On the other hand, this position is similar to face to the left: both are good options for people who suffer from back or neck problems. And, of course, this position also causes sagging breasts and wrinkles. Gravity sucks!

5. On Your Stomach

They say there’s nothing worse than sleeping on your stomach. That position causes many health problems and should be avoided. If this is your favorite posture, don’t be surprised to find that there is something wrong with your spine. During the night, you put a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles. As a result, you may feel numbness and pain in your body. When you sleep on your stomach, you keep your neck contracted for too long. If you do this regularly, you may have circulation problems and difficulty breathing. The only positive aspect of sleeping on your stomach is that you are unlikely to snore at night and wake your partner.